This book is a rare gem and a must read. It is a window into her special life. It offers rare glimpses into her day to day life, her struggles and victories, her childhood recollections of various trips, people she met and her loving supportive family. It sheds light on the important role of her instructor Anne […]

As the recent American politics is no longer making sense to me, I can’t help but share an experience from earlier this week. Nitin & I were seated next to a Brazilian family in this trendy, upscale restaurant on Rodeo drive. Our seats were so close to theirs that a conversation was very natural. Although at first I had […]

The short book is written in the style of an earnest, poetic, forthright letter to his 15 year old. Never before have I read a book about someone’s life so much different than mine and it was an eye opening, enlightening and humane experience. I don’t know of anyone’s life to be as unfortunate in […]

  “I am Malala” paints a stunning, heavenly visual of Swat Valley (See pictures here, comparable to the beauty of Canada’s Banff National Park). It also describes blow by blow, incident by incident, the downward spiral of this beautiful place which ends up in complete havoc and destruction with Taliban’s encroachment. Malala’s personal story is woven with […]

  Imagine a sleepy and charming beach town on a tiny sliver of peninsula emerging from the southeast coast of Belize. Here Nitin and I woke up to a stunning yellow sunrise over the calm waters and for as far as you could see into the infinity, there was only the blue of the sea and […]

Please listen very carefully For taken Hypothetically Supported comprehensively Basically originally A single singularity Exploded quite impressively Expanded exponentially Creating stars and galaxies With what must be quite logically And coolly cosmologically The building blocks of you and me And continents and land and sea A process evolutionary Through dinosaur hegemony Into our human ancestry […]

Several months ago someone living in India dismayingly declared to me during a conversation – There are no poor people in India anymore. This was news to me because it is a commonly known fact that 70% of India’s population is quite if not abjectly poor. Talk about “what is on the periphery of our vision, continues to stay […]